Whoever said that good help is hard to find?

Below is some of our best work for web design, logo design, and application development. If you like what you see, we'd love to hear from you!

Web Design


INEXUSA is "a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting global understanding through educational and cultural exchange experiences" based in Lebanon, PA. It features:

  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Widget-ready WordPress sidebar
  • Custom Javascript programming
  • Logo creation (see below)
First Baptist Church

FirstBapLeb.org was redesigned for First Baptist Church of Lebanon, PA. It features:

  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Widget-ready WordPress sidebar
  • Custom ZenPhoto photo gallery installation themed to match site
  • Google Maps and Google Calendar
Shank Door Company

ShankDoor.com was redesigned for Shank Door Company, the "largest garage door dealer in Pennsylvania." It features:

  • Logo enhancement
  • Custom PHP Photo Gallery
  • 80+ pages
  • Search engine

Logo Design

BJUCT logo

We designed the logo for BJU Coffee Tycoon, an interactive, multi-user online game. In addition, a tutorial explaining the design process behind this logo was published on VectorTuts+ in the summer of 2008. The logo was designed with Inkscape in SVG format.


INEXUSA needed a visual identity that they could use not only on the web, but also in print for letterheads, fax documents, etc. We worked closely with them in deciding on the color scheme and typeface, then created this logo for them. It was created in Inkscape in SVG format and exported to several different file formats to give them plenty of options for working with other medium.


Emmanuel Baptist Church's header image is an example of logo enhancement work. They wanted their pre-existing logo on their website, but did not have it in electronic format. We were able to scan it off of their church bulletin, touch it up, convert it into a scalable format, and place it on their website.

Application Development

Tuition Calculator

Emmanuel Baptist Christian Academy wanted a way to allow visitors to calculate tuition costs for attending the school. We created an application to embed in their website. The application lets you choose how many children you have, what their grade levels are, and select different payment options and potential discounts.

Google Maps API

Doors Express, a wholesale provider of overhead doors, wanted a dynamic map to show the locations of their retailers. We created a mashup using the Google Maps API. We retrieved a database listing of their retailers' locations, parsed it to an XML file, and imported the addresses dynamically into the map. The application also lets you choose a zip code and see nearby retailers based on your location.


BJU Coffee Tycoon is an interactive, multi-user online game. Participants can establish coffee shops, choose and manage their inventory, and even do product research and development. The application is written in PHP/MySQL and uses jQuery to handle the various AJAX operations of the application.